Welcome to the Ross Nugent Foundation website. Here you will find information about an amazing person called Ross Nugent, his battle with a rare form of cancer called Ewings Sarcoma and the promise that he made to his Mother to raise funds for hospital equipment in order to make life more comfortable for patients, visiting relations and the nursing staff, this is our story...


Ross was a fun loving 18 year old who loved nothing more then the company of his family and friends. Ross loved to make people laugh and this was one of the reasons why so many people simply enjoyed his company.

Ross was passionate about music and had a great ear for songs and music of all types. He consistently found songs long before they became popular. Many of his friends would ask him to put together music for their parties and this was something that he loved to do.

One of Ross’s many talents was drawing and he loved to sketch for his own enjoyment and even created drawings for some of his friends as gifts.

The space on this page is not enough to allow us to tell you of Ross’s many gifts and talents. We will try, over the following pages, to give you some idea of how Ross Nugent touched those who knew him and, through others, even those who didn’t.

Today we still hear stories of things that Ross did for people. It was never in his personality to tell us what he did and how he helped others. He simply did it because that is what came naturally to him.

Ross touched many people during his 18 years in this world and continues to touch people although he departed from us in May 2010.

It was Ross’s wish that funds should be raised to buy equipment for St. Clare’s Oncology Ward in Beaumont Hospital. He wanted to make life easier and more comfortable for the patients, visiting relations and nursing staff.

The Ross Nugent Foundation was set up in his name to carry out his promise.

(Click here for more information on Ewings Sarcoma)



Stars of Love/Hate Susan Loughnane (Debbie) and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (Nidge) wearing the RossBand




Celebrity Chef  Jamie Oliver wearing the Ross Band





new blood pressure monitor for St Clare’s oncology ward

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